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*Custom USA Handcrafted Knife*

This build is inspired by the literal translation of the Hmong words “Tsov-Tom”: tiger-bite. The story goes…tiger-bite is often used as a name in the form of a curse word in the hills and mountains of SE ASIA because when you call someone a tiger-bite, you curse for them to get bitten by a tiger. Be careful of what you speak of in the wild…

Like the bite force of a tiger, at more than 1000 PSI, the TigerBite is crafted to be a super rugged mid-size chopper; it's hefty and comes with a razor edge.  We spent lots of hours and love on this tiger.    


- Steel: 5160 Spring Steel

- Cutting Edge Length:  9 5/8" - from front of the guard to the tip

- Overall Length: 15 1/8"

- Thickness: 1/4" stock, max blade height at the widest part is 1 7/8"

- Grind: Flat with texture, edge finished to 4000 grit on Japanese water stone

- Handle Materials: Textured natural micarta with an orange G10 liner

- Finish: Jurassic Grind

- HRC: 58-59 double normalized and double tempered

- Sheath: Kydex 

* In collaboration with CPEKNIVES

* Limited Lifetime Warranty

* Note: Due to the nature of "handmade" variables and processes, our handcrafted knives and related accessories such as a sheath may have small cosmetic imperfections. Also, specs may be slightly different as listed.