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MHK-V2 (Modern Hmong Knife - Version 2)

"Battle tested" Design - All-Purpose Survival Knife.

Please read all about the V2 design & purpose below. 

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Steel: Bohler K110 

Overall Length: 16.75”

Cutting Edge: 10”

Thickness: .2”

Weight: 18 oz.

Finish: Acid Stone Wash

HRC: 57-59 (Triple-Temper)

Grind: Full flat, convex cutting edge, taper to tip

Handle Material: OD Green G10 (3D)

Sheath: Kydex

Understanding the MHK-V2 design:

The design and materials of the MHK-V2 is VIIKINGS' modern take on the tried-and-true traditional Hmong knife that has been used for generations as a "jack of all trades" or survival knife in the hills and mountains of Southeast Asia.  

  • Bohler K110 Steel: K110 is chosen for its heavy-duty tool steel properties. Its composition provides the perfect balance of toughness, edge retention, and wear resistance. It also provides ease of sharpening out in the field and requires less maintenance due to its resistance to oxidation (rust). Moreover, our heat treating process consists of precision temperature control and triple-tempering to optimize the toughness of the knife and reduce all internal stress.
  • Thicker than normal 3D handle scales: The thicker handle allows for a natural grip thus providing more comfort and less strain on your hand for usage over a long period of time. Your hand won't feel like it needs to apply a full force grip all the time especially when chopping. 
  • Longer than normal handle length: This allows the user to choke up to the guard for fine work around the tip and heel. The user can also choke back on the slightly curved handle to optimize its chopping power.
  • Blade tapering to the tip: Like a traditional Hmong Knife, the tapering and sharp pointy tip maximizes the MHK-V2's piercing ability which is mainly use to dispatch an animal quickly for meat processing. The tapering also makes the knife very balanced allowing it to move more like a smaller knife without sacrificing its chopping power - "float(s) like a butterfly, sting(s) like a bee." Ali. Please note that the tip of the MHK-V2 is not designed to pry, dig, and/or stab into hard objects. Improper usage is not covered under warranty. 

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Please see full detail on warranty page here

US Veteran Designed & Tested.